Who are we ???...our aims

The  NTIK  is a federation of 

Nautical & Technical Marine - Superintendents in Germany

As an registered association (e.V.) manifested in our statutes is the promotion of necessary informationen for general interests. Everyone who like to be informed about the shipping business is very welcome to participate in our monthly meetings.

The meetings takes place max. 7 times  a year, mostly in the 1st. week of each month.
Annually in February the annually General Meeting will be organized to discuss issues of the association`s interest. For this event a  formal invitation will be sent via email to ca. 220 interested colleagues and companies.
Events of the NTIK take place at the restaurant " Block Bräu " and will be regulary visited by many representatives of shipping companies, classification societies and even so interested companies from the ship supply industry. 
There is a collegial and trustful link maintained to the Verein der Schiffsingenieure zu Hamburg eV.

We would be pleased when also younger colleagues of different nationalities and countries can be inspired for our monthly meetings, gaining from cross-generational discussions and transfer of experiences.


Our members together always focused on the implementation of our interests and targets.


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NTIK Declaration of Accession.pdf (353.19KB)
NTIK Declaration of Accession.pdf (353.19KB)


( translation in progress)
Satzung des Nautisch.pdf (243.9KB)
( translation in progress)
Satzung des Nautisch.pdf (243.9KB)




  • Foundation by initiators Dipl. Ing. Mr. Walter Burkhard of Reederei Rickmers and Dipl. Ing Mr. Wolfgang Heer of Hamburg-Sud.
  • first constitution drawn up in November.
  • both Gentlemen contacted 153 German shipping companies resulting of this same year took place the first meeting of 53 representatives.
  • first meeting  in the Inn „Historischen Gasthaus Anno 1750“.
  • agreement to hold specialist lectures on 1. Tuesday every month by invited national and international companies  from the maritime shipbuilding industry.

1986- 2006

  • a lecture takes ca.1 hour and reported mainly about experiences referred to nautical-technical issues for a vessel concurrently the presenting company has a chance to promote their newest product. At the end each lecture a small lunch with cold drinks gives the possibility for small talk and to establish contacts.
  • this forum can be used for networking.
  • since the closing of the Inn "Historische Gasthof anno 1750"  the monthly events were held at the "Gröninger Gasthaus".


  • this year and for the first time 101 repesentatives of the German shipping companies attended to the annual working dinner hold every beginning year. Same year 83 shipping companies and 258 nautical-technical Superintendents were members of the NTIK.


  • by the year 2013 and after the death of Mr. Walter Burkhard, the interests of the NTIK were represented  by Dipl. Ing Mr. Wolfgang Heer, Dipl. Ing. Mr. Klaus Didschies, Capt. Wolfram Sabban and Capt. Birger Runge as Speaker.
  • crewchange on board of the NTIK. 
  • Ing. grad. Mr. Axel Jacob nominated honorary as Speaker supported by both colleagues Capt. Wolfram Sabban und Capt. Birger Runge.


  • Dipl. Ing. Mr. Björn Dörband took over honorary the tasks of  Capt. Birger Runge.


  • at 06th. of June on the generell meeting at the  "Gröninger Gasthaus" it was mutual agreed by 35 members to change the the status of the NTIK - Hamburg into a public utility.
  • after constitution of a new statue and negotiation with the local tax office and the relevant destrict court of Hamburg, on November 2017 excepted the definition of common benefit the NTIK official association`s name was modified to 
    Nautisch-Technischer Inspektoren-Kreis HAMBURG E.V.


  • 01st. of January a new website goes life with improved and modern design ensures to be optimally equipped for future demand. All next events listed in a better overview and an archive provided as reference resources with past presentations of particular interests.  
  • with the kind support of the THB some releases as pdf.files below.

THB-News.pdf (6.14MB)
THB-News.pdf (6.14MB)

THB_30_03_17.pdf (879.72KB)
THB_30_03_17.pdf (879.72KB)